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Frequently Asked Questions.

I have question about my account and/or subscription. Who can I talk to?

We're here to help! There's a few ways to get a hold of us. 1) You can send us a personal message at our Reach Us page. 2) You can send us a video or audio message via any of the hovering videos you see. 3) You can send us a DM on our Instagram account (@lyfeathome.) We'll try our best to get back to you in 24 hours.

Can I make changes to my account by myself?

Yes! By clicking on My Account you’ll be able to make changes to your profile and billing/subscription details. When you're logged in the "My Account" link will be an icon of a personal/silhouette.

Are all livestream workouts free?

Yes! All livestream workouts are free. You'll be able to find the schedule at the top of the
livestream workout page. If you miss a workout, you’ll be able to access it with a Full Access Subscription.

Can the Instructors see me?

If you want! Yes, during our livestreams, you can share you screen "Tap-In" with our instructors so they can see and engage with you in real-time. Look for the “Share Your Screen” button on our Livestream page, and open it in the Google Chrome browser. We’ll soon have the option for our subscribers to share their screen while remaining private (not viewable) from the stream recording. At the moment, there is a 5 person “Tap In” limit per workout.

If I’m new to fitness, what’s the best workout to start with?

First off, congrats! Cheers to you for starting on your new path towards wellness with LYFE At Home. We recommend starting with either a Full Body Strength, Yoga, or Flow Core Stretch workout. With the FBS workout, listen to the instructor’s variations for going slower or performing the exercises at a lower intensity. Then, after a few weeks, try to increase your weights or perform the exercises with variations. This said, keep in mind, we provide variations for our Cardio workouts as well! So don't feel the need to skip cardio of you'd like to jump in.

What exercise equipment do I need?

We generally create workouts that require a small selection of at home equipment, to include: dumbbells, resistance bands, sliders, kettlebells, jump ropes, and something stable enough to step or stand on. Our instructors will also provide variations that allow you to perform exercises without equipment or things you can find around the home.

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