How we're giving back.

Our promise to educators and civility.

2024 marks the start of a new pledge initiative from LYFE At Home called Civility and Education.

This pledge is a heartfelt action plan to help amplify what we believe to be inherently valuable and good in and around the communities that support the households and individuals that make up our subscriber base. We see it as a part of our responsibility to help foster these communities alongside our profit based goals.In that, we’ve decided to focus this new pledge in two meaningful directions:

Individuals or organizations who promote the idea and cultivation of civil discourse, cultural tolerance and love among members of their communities.and

Individual educators who show a unique passion and/or impactful approach towards educating and inspiring our youth.

As we see it, civility serves as the glue that binds the intricate fabric of society together, fostering a collective environment where diverse individuals can coexist harmoniously. At its core, civility embodies respect, kindness, and consideration, acting as a catalyst for open dialogue and understanding. In a civil society, individuals engage in discourse with a genuine willingness to listen and learn from one another, transcending differences and building bridges of empathy.

And in the tapestry of a community, or educators are the architects of intellectual growth, cultivating minds that will contribute meaningfully to the world. Their impact extends far beyond textbooks, influencing the very fabric of society by empowering individuals with the tools to navigate the complexities of life, fostering critical thinking, and nurturing a sense of community and shared purpose.

Going forward, LYFE At Home will designate a portion of our profits each year - with the goal of awarding a select few noticeable figures, from one or both categories, with a monetary gift of recognition at the end of the year.In launching the Civility and Education initiative in 2024, LYFE At Home is not merely embarking on a journey to promote values we hold dear; we are committing ourselves to actively contribute to the betterment of the communities that form the foundation of our company.

We aim to recognize and support those who serve as beacons of light in our communities. As we designate a portion of our profits towards this effort, we envision a future where the seeds of civility and education continue to blossom.