Our Wellness Purpose

We are a “whole human” company. To us, that means we look at wellness beyond any one aspect of health or fitness. There are many things that make, or keep, us healthy and happy. Some of those things involve lifting weights; others involve laughing, having great conversations, or learning something new. It’s all a part of wellness to us.

We want to create virtual experiences, and an online community, that adds value to multiple parts of your day. We want these things to improve your life in some way. Lastly we are dedicated to making these things with quality, with love, and for the greater good of our audience.

Tag your wellness


We love that you're finding time to engage with LYFE At Home! Don't forget to tag us in your experiences. We want to learn more about you, and see all the fun you're having from your home. Be sure to use the #lyfeathome hashtag in your captions, AND tag our social accounts. We'll be sure to feature and share some of your beautiful faces on our main feeds!