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One platform to watch and enjoy the essentials.

LYFE At Home is a media company for the household. Wellness, learning, and family are at the core of what we produce. We compliment that with a mix of entertainment to give everyone in your family something to enjoy.

What is LYFE At Home?

LYFE At Home is a wellness focused media company fostering happier and healthier lives. Our goal is to produce a consistent offering of high-quality digital experiences the bring real value to every member of your family while enriching the time you spend at home.

Balanced home
workouts guided with
energy & intention.

A portfolio of workouts that speaks to balance, variety, intensity, recovery, and safety - with the Full Body Strength workout serving as our core modality. We emphasis the equity between rest and training, and believe they must coincide in a healthy wellness journey.

types of
  • Connection
    Instructors who deliver an inspiring, thoughtful, and energetic level of engagement through the camera lens.
  • Variations
    Offering exercises in each workout at different difficulty and capability levels.
  • Challenge
    A focus on pushing through your comfort levels in order to obtain mental and physical growth.