Our fitness philosophy.

Read below on our mindset and approach to fitness programming.

Let’s be honest, the wellness world is…a lot.

Everyone has an opinion. New tips, tricks, or “best kept secrets” pop up every single day. And everyone we know is running their own instagram fitness account.

Let’s take a step back and breathe, shall we? 
Because - it really isn’t that deep.

And we’re not fans of anything that adds more confusion or unnecessary noise to the mix; any that convolutes the journey establishing a positive relationship with our bodies and our wellness goals.

To us, simple is better.

And we believe the best thing for any one person, is to refine the practice of listening to THEIR bodies, and developing a maintainable routine (and set of habits) in that relationship.

Now, when it comes to welcoming LYFE At Home into that relationship, and how you approach the fitness side of wellness, we hope you find value and guidance in these five pillars: 

Balance, Fun, Intensity, Recovery, and Creativity.

We program our at home workouts to speak to these five pillars intentionally; with the Full Body Strength workout (a format that makes room for endless creativity variety) serving as our core format.

At the end of a week full of LYFE At Home workouts, we want you to feel like you experienced each of these pillars in a real, tangible way.Furthermore, we emphasize the equity between rest and training, and believe they must coincide in a healthy wellness journey.

That’s us! Simple and meaningful.